Wealth Management

Individual and family clients deserve the same fiduciary care and quality that institutional investors command. Our goals are to ensure that our private clients have a clear view of their financial lives, that their investments align with their beliefs, and that they are free to focus time and energies on their passions, families, and goals.



We partner with private clients to identify the needs and beliefs that guide investment decisions—and also spending, philanthropy, and estate planning. We develop and formalize goals based on each client’s specific objectives, including investment policies, risk and liquidity measures, and specific cash flow and growth objectives.



Each client is unique, and the administrative support we provide is customized to meet each client’s needs. Canterbury manages time-consuming paperwork and related work for our private clients, including portfolio implementation and rebalancing, manager-related documents, cash movements, capital calls, and document storage. We also partner with our clients to negotiate and maintain lines of credit and financings.



Because we believe that a complete financial picture encompasses more than simply performance numbers, we employ tools to measure the effectiveness of tax planning, estate planning, and stewardship training for multi-generational families.

We also deliver regular monthly and quarterly reports to our private clients, measuring dollar returns and internal rate of returns against relevant benchmarks and targets. To ensure alignment to a client’s stated objectives, we measure and report liquidity and other risk measures.

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