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Canada’s diverse economy provides investment opportunities in both public and private equity. For an investor, diversification, low fees, and the use of skilled active managers can lead to improved and less volatile performance.
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One of the most consistent questions related to private equity buyout funds is about the impact of fund size on performance. Do smaller funds outperform due to lower acquisition multiples, the ability to capitalize on operational inefficiencies, and inexperienced management teams? Or do larger funds outperform, as targ…
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International small-cap stocks have historically provided strong risk-adjusted returns. Canterbury thinks that now may be an especially opportune time to allocate to these relatively high-quality companies using an active approach. We feel this is particularly true for investors who are underweight what we believe is a…
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Taxable investors should consider the impact of excess return expectations, fees, and tax drag on their portfolios. A diversified mix between active, passive, and tax-managed equity strategies can lead to superior after-tax returns. This white paper summarizes Canterbury’s views on constructing equity portfolios while …
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Master limited partnerships (MLPs) serve an important role in a diversified investment portfolio. In addition to an attractive total return, MLPs provide portfolio diversification and a potential hedge against unanticipated inflation. A master limited partnership (MLP) is a publicly traded partnership that receives pre…






2022 Investment Forum Speakers


Cathie Wood
CEO and CIO of ARK
"Purchasing Power, Inflation, and Deflation"


John Emerson
Capital Group International, Inc.
"Biden and International Relations"