Our Approach

Every aspect of our approach at Canterbury reflects our belief that what is best for our clients should always come first. Our investment philosophy is rooted in our conviction that a client is most likely to achieve investment objectives with a customized investment plan that accounts for each unique facet of the client’s situation. We are transparent about our firm’s views and actions; learn more about our approach to key investment topics here.

Role of Asset Classes

Investment success results from strategy that matches a client’s objectives, and discipline along the way. We believe that portfolio construction is never “one size fits all”; experience has shown that clients can achieve objectives in many ways, with differing asset allocations.


Risk Management Approach

There are many forms of risk within a portfolio, and each can affect a client in multiple ways. We monitor risks and help our clients make better, more informed decisions based on a broad understanding of the many different ways to measure and view risks and impacts.


Investment Policy Statement

As much as an investment policy is about the investment, it is also about governance and mission. A strong investment policy statement can provide continuity and stability to an organization by defining the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved.


Collaborative Investment Process

Our investment process is built around collaboration, both internally and externally, using an approach that incorporates our client’s objectives and constraints. Our consultants are a part of our investment committees and research teams, and we have built a process that marries our firm’s views with what is appropriate for each client.


Strategic Shifts

Our clients know that when we recommend a strategic portfolio shift, we do so with their best interests in mind. Excess portfolio activity is counterproductive, yet world markets offer changing opportunities. This is why we believe in a balance of opportunity with stability, and recommend well-thought strategic portfolio shifts.


Manager Research and Selection

Our specific client base allows us to focus only on the type of investment managers that are suitable for our clients, higher, quality managers within the broader universe. With $28.2 billion in assets, we also have access to both large, distinguished managers and niche, developing firms.


ESG Investing

We believe foundations, endowments, and families should have the choice to incorporate their missions, values, and morals within the construct of their investment portfolios. We have broad experience in helping clients establish and implement ESG and socially responsible investing (SRI) parameters to guide current and future decisions.