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U.S.-China Trade: Risks and Opportunities for Investors
Manager Webinar

Global investors continue to feel the repercussions of U.S.-China trade tensions, China's currency "devaluation," and protests in Hong Kong. Trade negotiations may be dominating headlines but global investors should not overlook China’s strong fundamentals and long-term economic growth trends. Rising consumer wealth in the region creates new investment opportunities and fosters a cycle of innovation that should influence businesses around the world for years to come.

During this webinar hosted by Canterbury on September 4, 2019, Matthews Asia Investment Strategist Andy Rothman provides a framework for better understanding China, an overview of the economy, and his outlook for the second half of the year. Andy addresses:

  • What's behind the Hong Kong protests and the potential risks
  • The U.S.-China trade dispute
  • The health of the Chinese economy: risks and opportunities for investors
  • Questions from live webinar participants

Summary Notes: U.S.-China Trade: Risks and Opportunities for Investors