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Institutional Investor’s 2016 Endowments & Foundations Roundtable
JUNE 2016

Poorvi Parekh, Director of Outsourced Investments, recently moderated a session at the 2016 Institutional Investor Endowments and Foundations Roundtable in Boston.  The annual roundtable attracts a large number of prominent endowments, foundations, healthcare organizations, advisors and asset managers from around the world.  This year there was considerable discussion on global macroeconomic matters, the state of public and private markets as well as investing in Alternatives.

Ms. Parekh moderated a panel titled “Think tank of investable ideas: Hedge Funds and Alternative Assets/Diversifying Strategies”.  Members shared their experiences with a wide array of strategies that they had adapted in their portfolios to enhance diversification as well as to reduce correlation to broad equity and fixed income markets.  Endowments and Foundations have often been seen as willing to take a long term view towards portfolio management and staying on the leading edge of adapting new and innovative investment strategies to enhance their long term portfolio performance.