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How to Make an Impact with Your Investments as You Age
JULY 2017

By Chris Metinko

"Why shouldn't older workers and retirees invest in environmental, social and governance factors?" Jaylene Howard, a director at Canterbury Consulting.

"Responsible investing has been a growing investment strategy for all generations for decades," she added. "However, a key difference between the strategies of the past, which involved eliminating offending stocks from an investment portfolio, is that strategies today focus on buying companies that score well on ESG factors."

Howard said new data suggests that the old stigma of sacrificing performance to pursue a more socially responsible agenda no longer applies — with recent studies showing companies who integrated environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors outperformed their peers who didn't.

"It isn't just millennials who are committed to sustainable issues," she said. "Individuals of all generations are aligning their investment portfolios with their personal values and goals by choosing to invest in more green and responsible investment initiatives."


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