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5 businesses detailed their reopening plans, including what they're buying, how much it costs per employee, and a floor plan layout showing how it all works
JUNE 2020

By Bartie Scott and Dominick Reuter

All 50 states have begun to loosen lockdown requirements and businesses like gyms, nail salons, restaurants, retail shops, production studios, and some offices are starting to reopen.

For many, reopening is more complicated than social distancing and reduced capacity. In addition to an operational and financial checklist for reopening, many businesses will invest significant cash to make sure employees and customers stay safe.

After speaking with several businesses and comparing their numbers, Business Insider found that business owners should expect to pay a minimum of about $300 per employee to get started on their safe reopening plan. 

Of course, there could be ongoing costs for supplies like masks, gloves, menus, and other disposable supplies. Some businesses may need to shell out more money to upgrade their facilities' HVAC systems, install partitions, install new touchless faucets and light switches, or hire a consultant to guide them through the process.

Canterbury Consulting will spend $16,000 total to keep 59 employees working through the pandemic and get back to the office safely, mostly on additional technology and health and safety precautions, chief operations officer Mike Ethridge told Business Insider. When Canterbury employees return to the office later this month, they'll also each receive a backpack that includes a water bottle, hand sanitizer, spray sanitizer, microwave popcorn, a roll of Charmin TP, a wine opener, cloth masks, and a packet of COVID-19 information. The total comes out to about $271 per employee.

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