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Quote by Matthew Lui, CFA, CAIA
June 2020
MSN Money
Does passive investing have a place in the most active market in recent history? Are index funds safe? Index funds are the epitome of passive investing. Rather than trying to beat the market by selecting individual stocks, these funds own all stocks constituting the index, matching the performance of the underlying ben…
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Quote by Matthew Lui, CFA, CAIA and Loren Asmus, CFA, CAIA
June 2020
To musicians Matt Lui and Loren Asmus, picking a manager is a lot like writing and performing a song. The writer uses logic and structure to write the notes, then the players work together, harmonizing with the band to bring emotion to the music and create something beyond the paper. And to these two investment researc…
Authored by Matthew Lui, CFA, CAIA
April 2020
Nonprofit Information
The active versus passive investment management discussion has intensified as of late due to active management’s recent inability to outpace their passive benchmarks. Some may have a knee-jerk inclination to fire an underperforming manager, but the data show that investors are better off staying the course.
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Quote by Matthew Lui, CFA, CAIA
February 2020
Los Angeles Times
If there is perhaps one thing that investors don’t like above all others, it’s uncertainty. And that’s what was served up in heaping bucketfuls this week as it became clear the coronavirus wouldn’t bypass the U.S. — with the stock market turning in its worst performance since last decade’s financial crisis. “I think…
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Quote by Matthew Lui, CFA, CAIA
July 2019
U.S. News & World Report
While investors traded high-fives over the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting 27,000, there was a high 500 to celebrate as well. Even if it didn’t garner nearly as much notice, the S&P 500 index slipped past the 3,000 mark for the first time; the Nasdaq composite likewise shattered its previous record the day before,…






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