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Canterbury Outsourced CIO: Fourth Quarter 2020 Commentary
January 14, 2021

Every quarter, Canterbury's Outsourced CIO committee shares their observations of the market that impact the management of our discretionary portfolios in the Canterbury Outsourced CIO Commentary.

The year 2020 will be remembered as a year marked by crisis as well as the heroic responses that crossed national and regional boundaries. While the year began with steady growth, in March, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly shaped into a global crisis. This forced populations to engage in some form of isolation, distancing themselves from work, school, and even family members and friends. Central governments continue to respond with large monetary and fiscal stimulus to allow businesses and individuals to sustain themselves. The pandemic prompted a heroic, simultaneous global public-health initiative, resulting in the development of multiple vaccines in record time. Addressing the storage, transportation, administration, and tracking challenges of these vaccines will be essential to boosting confidence in the markets.

The vaccines bring hope to improving mobility and the possible return to steady economic activity over time, but the timing and nature of what will be deemed “normal” remain uncertain. As we enter a new year, many small businesses and individuals continue to struggle, reflecting the limitations faced by many industries that are still in lock-down. Consumer behavior has shifted positively towards e-commerce in areas such as retail and fintech, and the broad grassroots support against racial injustice and climate change has shifted priorities for many organizations.

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